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Master of Circumstance
Book & Podcast

James "Jamie" Morgan MA, LPC-S, EMDR is the author of Master of Circumstance. Jamie is a family focused licensed therapist and counselor offering a wide variety of dynamic psychotherapy solutions to his clients.

In his authorial debut, James walks the reader through a poignant narrative on how to shatter the illusions of the victim mindset once and for all, and step into their true power as a master of their circumstances.

"The idea is to get as close to your truth as possible."

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"James will show you how as he shares both his victories and his setbacks and what he has learned from each. I encourage you to get ready to dig deep and then apply what you discover. I promise you it will be well worth the effort."

Chris | Executive Vice President

Maxwell Entrepreneurial Solutions


Little did I know that from the moment I sat down in the chair across from Jamie that I was about to unlearn that version of myself, and begin the journey to uncovering the causes of what I now know to be symptoms of my subconscious thoughts, not disorders.


Immediately you feel understood, and hopeful. Everyone can benefit from reading this! So grateful.


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